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Humanistic Education through the External  Degree"

 Heed University School of Theology

Heed University was founded in 1970 in the State of Florida as an educational institution. The Florida Corporation, now known as Heed University School of Theology (HUSoT), is a not for profit, tax-exempt organization under § 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

All programs may be completed through correspondence or guided independent study; there are no classroom-attendance or residency requirements. This is a degree program ‘without walls’. Regular contact between students and faculty mentors is maintained by mutual arrangement. Thus individuals who are sufficiently mature and motivated may complete their theological education while maintaining their present employment. Appropriate credits may be transferred from other recognized courses, programs and seminaries.

Students may enroll during any month of the year, and they may graduate during any month. There are no semesters, quarters or deadlines, as all programs of study are individualized and allow the student to work at his or her own pace. The fees are according to the enrollment agreement.

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Heed School of Theology
Using a classroom without walls mentorship model. Heed provides individualized external degree programs for mind, body and spirit

Maximize your Potential

Through our modified external degree program
The mentors guide student’s learning and supervise their progress in attaining their degree.
Assisting students to define the goals and objectives of their lives.
Make an impact on the students who attend Heed, they in turn will have a positive impact on individuals and society.
Nurture personal growth and interpersonal relationships
Values and Mission

Why you should enroll

  • Heed is one of the most prestigious external degree Universities
  • 47 Years of Experience
  • Educational experiences and personal growth
  • Motivating