University Without Walls!

Humanistic Education through the External  Degree"

Heed University - Maximizing Student Potential​

​Heed University was established in 1970. This prestigious external degree student centered education institution was envisioned as a university without walls.

Heed University positioned itself as a school that emphasized student centered learning and maximizing student potential. Heed University benefits for it’s students with:
Heed University - Maximizing Student Potential and offers education without walls:

  • Flexible, Student centered education. Since Heed University students are all mature adults. Heed University students understands the benefits of an external degree University.

  • Education without walls students may be located anywhere in the US or worldwide. In an increasingly digital environment, it has become easier to make external degree programs accessible to qualified individuals. Students may learn wherever and whenever it is convenient. This makes the Heed University ideal for people who benefit from a flexible schedule.

University Without Walls

​Heed University invites successful professionals, experts in their respective industries. It offers a range of external degrees including Associates, Bachelors, Masters as well as Law and Doctoral Degrees.

Heed University sets itself apart from competitors with its cross-disciplinary perspective and education without walls. It positions its courses as dynamic learning opportunities. Heed University is all about maximizing students education potential.

Those who wish to sign up for a Heed University course may make their initial inquiries by calling the toll-free line at 1-800-262-0175. They may also opt to request for more information by sending an email to